Searching The Trousers

I cannot find my trousers. Home from work yesterday evening, I immediately donned more comfortable clothes. It is a symbolic act for me to doff the rags I wore at work. With that, I also slip off the strain. In the past I did that only after especially stressful days. But for some months now, I am aware that I cannot suffer wearing my work clothes for one more second just as soon as I’m at home. It doesn’t matter that I usually wear Jeans and T-shirts in the company as well.

Actually I have only one set, which one is suitable for the conciliation committee: Good black Jeans and an old simple traditional shirt. Well, I have more shirts. According to Chris, I look impossible in a suit. But one must wear some better togs to behave self-confident. I need the black Jeans. Where are they? I search everywhere, two times, three times, in every room in which I have been yesterday. Not before reaching a state of total despair, do I find the trousers at the coat rack hanging under my raincoat. I had taken them off yesterday and put them put them on a hanger along with the raincoat.

Translated from: Marinus Münster, “Dilldöppchen”, Publishing House: Geest-Verlag 2004)