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Marinus Münster

Die Spargelstecherin

Die Spargelstecherin: The Polish Melinka works seasonally at the Hillebrand asparagus farm. Leadman and farmer are after her. But Melinka has fallen in love with her countryman Waldemar …

German edition:
Armin Schmidt and Marinus Münster
Die Spargelstecherin
Erzählung, 155 S.
Engelsdorfer Verlag 2011
ISBN 978-3-86268-493-9
11 Euro

Hamster im Rad

Hamster im Rad: Markus Schlotterbek is 50 years old and searchs a job, a paid job. He would take any job. But he is overqualified for many positions … The story ends nontypically. This is the second socal novel about the IT industry. It is about freelancers, Hartz IV the issues of software developers.

German edition:
Marinus Münster
Hamster im Rad
Roman, 235 S.
Geest-Verlag 2010
ISBN 978-3-86685-213-6
12 Euro

Die Seuche

Die Seuche: Short stories about the avian flu.
Available in book stores or directly from the Publisher
Preface by Waltraud Wolff, MdB.
Illustrations by Marion Hallbauer.

German edition:
Marinus Münster
Die Seuche.
Short Stories.
Geest-Verlag 2006
ISBN 3-86685-011-5
10 Euro


Dilldöppchen: A novel about the New Economy, speculation and decline, “hire and fire” and the resistance of employees. An economical thriller.
You find excerpts and comments to the novel on this website.

Available in book stores or directly from the publisher
Cover design by Hans Gärtner, Wolfratshausen.

German edition:
Marinus Münster
Geest-Verlag 2004
420 pages
ISBN 3-937844-29-5
12,50 Euro